FCC Compliance Testing

During the development phase of a product, FCC compliance testing is essential to ensure that the device is in accordance with the rules and regulations set by the agency. The testing involves measuring the radio range and physical characteristics of the device. It is also essential to conduct pre-compliance tests, which do not count as actual compliance tests. These tests ensure that no surprises may surface later. 

The FCC does not require pre-compliance tests if the product is not yet commercially available. The FCC requires communication providers to apply through a TCB accredited by the FCC. The TCB will then issue a Grant of Equipment Authorization that enables the product owner to sell it in the U.S. market legally. Once you have the required documentation, you can begin marketing your product. 

The FCC requires testing to transit FCC-mandated IXPs during peak hours to demonstrate reliability and performance. The FCC’s compliance testing framework has strict requirements for latency and speed, and it requires that a test is performed at least once an hour and must be executed for each minute of a testing period. Further, carriers must also make sure they perform tests on specific IXPs to demonstrate their compliance. 

During the FCC certification process, the product needs to meet the standards set by the agency. The FCC requires a production-ready prototype and technical specifications submitted to the agency. Once approved, the product will be tested by a third party. The testing can take a few days to a few weeks, depending on the complexity of the product. Once the test has been completed, TCB will upload documentation to the FCC and issue a certification on behalf of the FCC. Once the TCB has uploaded all necessary documentation to the FCC, it will send the carrier a Grant of Equipment Authorization (GEA). It is then legally marketed the product in the U.S. 

Steps to Successful FCC Testing 

When you’re ready to register your device, you can either do this on your own or hire a third-party testing facility to perform the test. The process for obtaining an FCC-certified product is the same as registering a product with the FCC, but there are several steps that you must follow to make the registration process run smoothly.

 The first step to a successful registration is to find a testing facility. Ensure that the facility is responsive and has the experience to meet your testing needs. You must provide your business information and a mandatory grantee code to register your device. After completing this step, you’ll need to find a testing facility. 

 After you’ve completed your registration, you should begin the testing process. When choosing a testing facility, it’s essential to choose responsively and handle all your testing needs. 360compliance is one of the most responsive and flexible companies available for FCC testing. Their engineers have extensive knowledge of the requirements of various regulations and can provide solutions on the spot. 

Testing prototypes and components can help you avoid costly mistakes and help you achieve final certification easier. It also enables you to identify possible problems and provide a solution to satisfy all of your FCC certification requirements. With Elite, you will be on your way to achieving success with your new products and services. 


When it comes to FCC testing, it’s essential to choose a responsive facility to meet all of your testing needs. Your device should be registered with the FCC before marketing in the U.S., as well as with other countries. After it passes the testing, the TCB issues the final certification for the product. After that, you can then begin marketing your device in the U.S. with an FCC-issued grantee code. You will need this to market the product. When it comes to the frequency of your radio equipment, you need to consider these factors.

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