iPhone 15 USB-C Cable: Limited USB 2.0 Data Transfer ?

Exploring USB 2.0 Data Transfer Speeds in the iPhone 15's Included USB-C Cable

Emerging rumors indicate that the iPhone 15 lineup is on the verge of transitioning from Lightning to USB-C ports. However, speculations hint that the bundled cables accompanying the phones could potentially impose a limitation, permitting only USB 2.0 data transfer speeds. These cables are reportedly crafted with a braided structure and are offered in a range of colors. Furthermore, they are anticipated to measure approximately 1.5 meters in length.

The Leaks

After several weeks of speculation, Apple will finally introduce USB-C ports on the iPhone 15. However, the new port may not offer faster charging or data transfer speeds than Lightning cables. Instead, it’s been reported that the USB-C cable included with the new iPhone 15 will be limited to USB 2.0 speeds. Last month, tipster Majin Bu shared photos of braided USB-C cables that could launch with the iPhone 15 lineup. The cables are said to be longer and thicker than the ones currently included in the box, which would improve their durability. They also feature USB 3.1 support, meaning they’ll be compatible with devices that use the latest version of USB.

According to a separate tip from tipster ShrimpApplePro, Apple’s supply partner, Foxconn, is already producing accessories for the iPhone 15 with USB-C connectors. However, the tipster claims that Apple will only officially support USB-C accessories certified through Apple’s Made for iPhone (MFi) program.

This is a surprising move from Apple, which previously introduced USB-C on its MacBooks and iPads without any restrictions. Apple hasn’t commented on these rumors, so it remains unclear if they are true. However, the company will likely limit the iPhone 15’s USB-C capabilities to protect its $1 trillion valuation.


There’s a consensus that the iPhone 15 will feature USB-C instead of Lightning. This welcome change should improve compatibility and allow for faster charging. But rumors suggest Apple may want to restrict which cables work with the new port. Apple would have to limit this to comply with EU regulations that require manufacturers to use the same standardized connector on their devices.

But, it would be a shame to restrict third-party accessories this way. Apple already restricts its MFi chip to ensure compatibility with only first-party and MFi-certified Lightning connectors. A new rumor suggests it could do the same with USB-C ports but at a lower level.

A recent report from a reliable source, Majin Bu, suggests that the USB-C ports on the upcoming iPhone 15 series will have a maximum data transfer speed of 480 Mbps. This speed is the same as what Lightning ports offer. Additionally, the leaked cables appear to be thicker and longer than the ones included with current iPhones. They might even come in colors that match the new iPhone’s design.

It’s worth noting that USB-C can still support fast data transfer rates, including Thunderbolt 4, which offers up to 40 Gbps. It’s almost like Apple is throwing a tantrum and refusing to accept that it needs to update its connectors with the times.

Apple’s Made for iPhone (MFi) program.

As Apple prepares to swap its proprietary Lightning ports for USB-C, a new rumor is circulating, suggesting that Apple could potentially enforce limitations on the types of cables that can be used. A Post on the Chinese social media site Weibo from a Mobile Phone Chip Expert account claims that the iPhone 15 will only support MFi-certified accessories. MFi stands for “Made for iPhone” and is Apple’s licensing program that covers chargers, cable connectors, and more. The MFA program requires manufacturers to pay Apple a fee for the right to use Lightning-shaped plugs on their products and includes an authenticator chip. The chip is intended to prevent counterfeit or potentially dangerous accessories from working with an iPhone. Still, it can also restrict features like fast charging and data transfer speeds to only Apple and MFi-certified accessories.

MFi-certified accessories typically feature a blue or white stripe on their end to identify them as approved by Apple. Cables not certified by MFi usually lack this feature, and when connected to an iPhone, they frequently prompt a message on the screen stating, “This accessory is not supported.”Despite a move by EU lawmakers to crack down on proprietary ports, Apple is ready to stick with its MFi program. If these rumors hold true, consumers might need to spend more for MFi-certified cables or settle for the slower 480Mbps transfer rates provided by their previous Lightning cable.

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Expected Cables

There’s general agreement that Apple will replace the proprietary Lightning port with a USB-C connector on iPhone 15. Users are positively embracing this transition due to its extensive compatibility and enhanced charging features

However, a recent rumor indicates that the USB-C cable provided with the phone could have a restricted data transfer speed of just 480 Mbps.

The speculations gained momentum with leaked images showcasing braided cables that seem to be of Apple’s making. The wires are reportedly 1.5 meters long and come in multiple colors, including blue, pink, and yellow. Majun Bu, the researcher behind these images, has shared more details.

He states that the included cable for the iPhone 15 will have limitations, allowing only USB 2.0 speeds. This means you won’t experience any increase in file transfer rates when going from USB-C to Lightning. Apple could be restricting the bundled cable to prevent users from switching to other third-party accessories that offer higher speed.

It’s also possible that Apple will only offer Thunderbolt features on Pro iPhone 15 models, just like with iPad Pro. That would make sense since Thunderbolt offers significantly higher data transfer speeds, especially for video. That’s something that could be a turn-off for those who are upgrading from a previous iPhone model to a new one. Apple will likely introduce the iPhone 15 next month.

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